Cobra XRS9370 Review


1.1 Cobra XRS9370 RadarLaser Detector


Main advantage

One of the core advantages of choosing the Cobra XRS9370 model is that it is relatively affordable and comes with all the features of a good, dependable radar/laser detector. This unit is able to detect the bands that are currently being used by police both in the United States and Canada. Moreover, it is small-sized and lightweight and is easy to use by any user, regardless of his or her technical background.


Main disadvantage

According to some of the people who have purchased this model, it might be a little inconvenient regarding false alarms. While a number of individuals claim that they’ve had issues in this sense in City Mode, others state that they can’t be dissatisfied with the way the unit performs overall. Even the buyers who have complained about the false alarms say that the Cobra XRS9370 does great on the highway.


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Main features explained


Excellent capabilities

It goes without saying that one of the first things to look for in a dependable and perfectly capable radar detector is band discovery.

Fortunately for the people who might be interested in purchasing a unit to do it all, this one has anything from LaserEye 360 degree detection to KU band detection. Subsequently, the Cobra XRS9370 buyers can greatly benefit from the unit specs, as it seems to have been specially designed to eliminate ticketing.

Radar detectors are illegal in some states, including the District of Columbia. This means that a driver traveling through this state might be forced to stop using his or her device while he or she is transiting Washington State. Yet the neatest thing about the Cobra XRS9370 is that it features IntelliMute, a detail that has been particularly developed in order to render the unit undetectable by other devices.

1.2 Cobra XRS9370 Radar Laser Detector


Small size, huge performance

This model weighs in at only 4.8 ounces and measures 2.8 inches by 1.3 inches by 4.2 inches. These dimensions give buyers a whole lot of freedom in terms of using the radar with other vehicles aside from their own. Think of it this way: if you’re traveling to another area and require a rental, you might want to use your own radar detector in that car as well.

Since it’s so small and lightweight, the Cobra XRS9370 can be taken on the go. Some of the detailed ratings we have come across speak highly about the performance of the unit, particularly when it comes to discovering Ka bands. According to a buyer, the Cobra XRS9370 is even capable of doing its job while going over a hill.


Convenience at an affordable price

Convenience is an innate feature of this radar detector. It has an ultra-bright data display, which allows the user to easily recognize the band that is being detected. In addition, the model has an electronic memory which is able of remembering the preferred user settings for an infinite amount of time, including when the power source is removed.

Unlike other products in the line, this one comes with a suction-cup mount windshield bracket kit and a coiled power cord.


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